Monday, April 18, 2011


She can install a garbage disposal.

When I saw her do this I remember this recorded prank call where this guy calls in to a dating service and asks for a woman with "much good plow experience".

She may love it when i take care of her, but this chick can take care of herself. Word.


She loves Gracie.

She loves all of our animals, but she has a special love for our sixty five pound Boxer mix, Gracie. Gracie is one of the strongest, athletic and most hyper dogs I have ever known. But my Dana, who rivals Gracie in energy and dexterity, will chase Gracie down, picker her up and carry the dog around as if she were the fifteen pound puppy we rescued.

It is the most friggin adorable thing ever, but also a reminder that Dana is freakishly strong for her size. I can't wait to have children with this woman!!


Her hair in the morning.

It is kind of like a wheat field after a tornado, only softer.

He hair can be quite affectionate, really. It often wakes me up, reaching out to my lips or caressing my eyelashes. Sometimes I think her hair is just plain hitting on me.

I lover her hair. She looks phenomenal with it it up. She looks like a supermodel with it straight as an arrow. And she looks like she could conquer the wilderness when it is curly. She goes from cute, to pretty, to sexy as hell with a bobby pin and a straightener. Love it.


She grooms me.

Now, reader, understand that every couple has a certain set of idiosyncrasies that to the outside world seem weird. However, these little rituals or habits or tendencies within the relationship are a loving thing.

Think, two monkeys sitting on a branch.


She admits when she is wrong. If I happened to be correct and she were in the wrong she would say, "Well, you weren't wrong".

But now she can say with no spite, "You were right".

I don't need to hear it, I just needed to know that she could say it :)


She's a beautiful courthouse bride.

Now, reader, I am sorry that you did not get the invite to Cabo, but technically Dana and I are already married. We "made an appointment" at the courthouse and had a family friend who happens to be a justice of the peace marry us so that we did not have to go through the hassle (and invariable bribes) involved with a legal marriage in Mexico.

As Judge Gorczynski prepared to start the ceremony, he looked at Dana, looked back at me and said, "Geez, good job, man".

Thanks, your honor.

We followed the ceremony by having lunch with my parents, going to the zoo, and dinner on Lake Houston. She's perfect.


She picked up running. She hated running for years, and so did I. I bought myself a pair of running shoes for my birthday and started jogging and I love it! And as is usually the case, she is better than me at the things that I am good at. I take it in stride. No pun....

This running phenomenon sparked a new chapter in our lives where we invest in ourselves and consider our health our greatest asset. You know you are with the right person when the two of you, together, take something painful and turn it into a joy.